Tui Whanau




Discuss & Answer

  • Why is the Tuatara called the living dinosaur?
    • Tuatara are called….
  • Why do you think it’s difficult to meet a Tuatara?
    • It’[s difficult to meet a Tuatara because….
  • Why do you think Tuatara are extinct on the mainland?
    • I think Tuatara are extinct because…
  • What is the Head Start Programme and why do Tuatara need it?
    • The Head Start Programme is…
    • Tuatara need the programme because…

Word Study – Find the meaning of these words?  Can you use all 4 words in a grammatically correct sentence? – Write your sentence in the comments.

Read & Write

Using the information on the poster and the video to write an information report about Tuatara.



Draw a Tuatara



ANZAC Day  ART Challenge 1

Egg Carton Poppy Challenge

WATCH Poppy Craft for Memorial Day  

Use the link to watch the video on making poppies

DO – Make a egg carton poppy

What you need:

  • an egg carton
  • scissors
  • red paint
  • a paintbrush
  • buttons (or construction paper)
  • glue

What you do:

  1. First, cut a cup from the egg carton.
  1. Then, cut it so it is rounded.
  1. Next, cut little points to make four distinct “petals”.
  1. Round the petals off.
  1. Paint the poppies red.
  1. Embellish with black and yellow buttons (or construction paper) centres


Why do we wear poppies?

How do we display our poppies on ANZAC day?

Could you decorate your letterbox?

Post a picture of your poppy of the facebook page.

Happy crafting.


ANZAC Biscuits

If you can, try to make these anzac day biscuits.  Follow the recipe carefully.  Remember to have an adult with you.

Remember to read the instructions out loud.  Talk about what you are doing with the adult helping you.

  • Can you identify all the verbs? /adverbs
  • What math language can you find?
  • How will you measure 100g?


Read this to your whanau 

Anzac biscuits have long been associated with the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) established in World War I. It has been claimed that biscuits were sent by wives and women’s groups to soldiers abroad because the ingredients do not spoil easily and the biscuits kept well during naval transportation.

Questions to talk about…

  1. What does ANZAC day mean?
    1. Anzac means…..
  1. Why were the biscuits sent?
    1. The biscuits were sent because….
  1. What does abroad mean?
    1. I think “abroad” means…
  1. What do you think Naval Transportation means?
    1. I think Naval Transportation means…
  1. Can you think of another word/words for “spoil easily”?
    1. Other words for “spoil easily”  are…



Watch the video of ANZAC Ted

Discuss with your whanau…

  • What is your favourite toy?  Why?
    • My favourite toy is…
  • What is a returned soldier?
    • A returned soldier is….
  • Do you have anyone in your family who went to/or is currently involved with war or conflict?  


Brainstorm words for war and peace. (idea)

Write a five-line poem about each using the five senses…

Line 1. – Tell what colour the idea looks like to you

Line 2 – Tell the idea tastes like ( imagine it has a taste)

Line 3 – Tell what the idea sounds like.

Line 4 – Tell what the idea smells like.

Line 5 – Tell what the idea looks like>

Line 6 – Tell how the idea makes you feel.


War is the colour….

War tastes like…

War sounds like…

War smells like…

War looks like…..

War makes me feel….


Can you draw Anzac Ted.  Have a go on paper or even on google draw for a challenge.


  • Why is Anzac Ted special?
    • Anzac Ted is special because…
  • Why do you think ANZAC gave soldiers peace?
    • Anzac gave soldiers peace because…
  • Should we keep old, damaged toys?  Why is that?
    • We should keep damaged toys because…
    • We should not keep damaged toys because…

Word Study

List the interesting or new words.  How many can you find?

Can you find all the rhyming words?


ANZAC Remembrance Lanterns

Have a go at making a remembrance lantern. Remember to post a picture of your design on the facebook page.

What you need.

  • 2 litre empty milk bottle (kids do not tip milk out to make it empty)
  • Stencil of poppy or draw by hand 
  • Permanent marker , paint, whatever works on plastic.
  • Tea lights (preferably battery operated.)



To line your street with these beacons by placing them in your driveway on ANZAC DAY at Dawn.

If you can, get a photo of your street with these beacons and the residents holding them.


  • What could you do if you didn’t have candles?
  • Where could you put your lantern?
  • What do you think the word ‘beacons’ means? 


Share this passage with someone in your whanau to read together.

The Dawn Service

The half-light of dawn was one of the times favoured for launching an attack. Soldiers in defensive positions were woken in the dark before dawn, so by the time first light crept across the battlefield they were awake, alert, and manning their weapons; this is still known as the “stand-to


Answer these questions using the speaking frames.

  1. What do you think the words “half-light of dawn” mean?
    1. I think….

Why do you think this time was favoured for launching an attack?

    1. I think they launched an attack at this time because…
  1. Why did soldiers need to be awake and alert?
    1. Soldiers need to be awake and alert because..
  1. What do you think ‘manning their weapons’’ means?
    1. Manning their weapons means…

Word Study

 Can you find words that mean the same (synonyms) for these words.

  • Launch
  • Crept
  • favoured


City Rail Link Competition.

There are a few simple rules if you’d like take part in what will become New Zealand’s biggest ever art project:

What to do

  • Draw a picture about where you would like to go on the train?
  • Artwork needs to be square shaped as it will be printed onto 10cm x 10cm tiles to be built into the station
  • You can use whatever medium you like – including paints, crayons, pencils or pastels
  • Artwork needs to be original – this means NO characters from your favourite tv shows, movies or books!

When you send your artwork, please also tell us your name, age and school you go to. 

Artwork can either be scanned or photographed and sent by email to

Post us a copy of your photo too on the Tui Facebook page

Discuss:  Talk to your whanau.

CRL is looking for artwork from you showing where you’d want to go on a train once the new underground rail project is built. Ideas like taking a journey to a neighbourhood dairy, to under the sea, to the moon, and even the Eiffel tower.

  • Where would you go if you could go anywhere?
    • I would go to….
  • What images could you draw to represent the places?
    • I could draw…
  • Why do you think you are not allowed to use tv shows, movies or books?
    • I think you are not allowed because…
  • Why do you think the paper needs to be a square?  
    • The paper needs to be square because…
  • What do you think the word original means?
    • Original means…

Check out this website for all the details                                    City rail link 

These are some winning pictures.  


Why do you think they won?  What is good about these pictures?  How can this help you to design a winning picture?


Multiplication  Boggle

How many multiplication and division facts can you find?  Write down as many as you can find.

What numbers go together to form a fact?  The numbers do not need to be next to each other.

Try each box one at a time.  





Draw this grid on a piece of paper.  


Write as many addition and subtraction equations as you can based around these digits.


 The numbers in the equation must be connected vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. For example, with this grid these are acceptable: 15 – 12 = 3,


Equations involve two or more numbers, and one or more operations, but no number can be used twice. 


You gain points for each equation only you have recorded. 


One point is given for each number used in the equation, for example, 15 – 3 – 7 = 4 + 1 earns five points


The player with the most points wins.



Boggle Word Challenge

How many words can you make?

What is the longest word you can make

Use the letters in the BOGGLE board to find as many words as you can.

  1. The letters must be touching (horizontally, vertically or diagonally) 
  2. Words must contain at least 3 letters.  The word does not have to appear in a straight line it can be tangled around.
  3. The same letter can be used twice in one word

Challenge:  the same letter cannot be used twice in one word


Can you make your own boggle to challenge someone else?

Make letter tiles from paper, make sure to include 2 tiles for each consonant and  3 tiles for each vowel. (a, e, i, o, u)

Draw a 5 x 5 grid.

Randomly select the letter tiles and add them to the grid.

Challenge yourself to see how many words you can make.  

Challenge.  What if you time yourself?  Give yourself just 3mins to find as many words as you can.


Whaea Pauline’s Pen and Paper Challenge.

Challenge your Whanau to these simple pen and paper games.  How many will you play

Noughts & Crosses

Grids of two vertical and two horizontal lines are filled with either an X or O as players take turns. The goal is to have three marks in a row – horizontally, vertically, or diagonally – before your opponent.

Connect Four Pen and Paper Game

No need for a store-bought version of this fun game. Simply draw ten lines horizontally and vertically to create twenty squares. Then take turns drawing circles in an attempt to get four in a row. Once the bottom row is filled, players must “drop” their circles on top of another. Players can either mark the circles with their initials or use X and O. The first to get four in a row wins

Dots and boxes

Begin with a grid of dots drawn on a piece of paper. You can choose what size grid you wish to use. A six-by-six grid works well.  As you get better you may wish to draw a much larger grid. 

Two or more players take turns with different colored pens or pencils drawing lines between dots. The goal is to complete a box while preventing the other player from doing so. When a block is completed by a player, they write their initials inside and draw another line. When all of the dots are connected, the person with the most completed blocks wins


One player draws blanks for each letter of a word below it, leaving space to complete the drawing of a spaceman. The other player guesses each missing letter of the word with each incorrect guess resulting in another part of the spaceman’s ship (see picture). If the player guesses the word before the spaceship is completed, they win. If not, the player who chose the word wins.


Disney Writing prompts.

Choose a movie that you like and follow the writing prompts.  How many will you do?

The Incredibles

  • Pick a character from the movie and write about a challenge they faced and how they overcame it.
  • Create a new Super. Write details about where they live, what they like to do, and what powers and weaknesses they have.
  • Create a new Villain. Write with details about where they live, what they like to do, and what powers and weaknesses they have. Draw a picture to go with your descriptions.


  • Dumbo feels like he needs his feather to fly. Is there something you have that you need to get through challenges? Why do you need it? What would happen if you didn’t have it?
  • Dumbo was teased because of his ears, but his differences made him special. Create a character that is different and write a story about how their differences made them special.

Frozen 2

  • In the popular song “Into the Unknown” Elsa has to face something that scares her. She doesn’t know what she might face. What challenges did Elsa have to face? What did she learn from facing her fears?
  • Have you ever done something you were afraid of? What was scary about it? Did you learn from it?
  • Create a fiction story that faces an unknown adventure. Your story should have a main character, a problem they face, and a solution

Finding Nemo

  • Nemo gets separated from his father. Has that ever happened to you? What did it feel like? Were you scared? Did you know what to do? What would you do if you were lost?


  • Rapunzel always had a positive outlook on her circumstances. She made the best of a tough situation. Work together or by yourself to make a list of all the things you could do if you were in Rapunzel’s situation.



(Notice and Reflect)












What’s On Your Gratitude List Today?

Say, think or write about 5 things that are happening in your life right now:

  1. I am grateful for …
  2. One thing I cherish is …
  3. I value …
  4. I am blessed because …
  5. I treasure …

Whaea Pauline’s Treasure Hunt


Have a look around your property and see what you can find. Remember to ask an adult first before you take anything.

Happy hunting!


Find something that you can turn.

Find something that is bumpy.

Find something that is metal.

Find something you put together.

Find something you can twist.

Find something that is shiny.

Find something you can roll.

Find a tube.

Find 3 things that are squishy.

Find something that is clear.

Find something that can bounce.


What can you create with all your treasures? 

Take a photo/video and share with us.


Instructional writing task Create your own cookbook 

This week’s writing task is to create your own cookbook. 

You are to come up with five creative recipes that will inspire others to try your meals! If you get on a roll, feel free to add more recipes to your book. 

If you are struggling with ideas, talk to your whanau about some of their favourite dishes, think about what your favourite dish is, imagine and create a whole new meal that no-one has ever tried before. Below is an idea of five recipes you could include in your book.

Discuss your ideas with your whanau and do your planning on a piece of paper. After you have completed your writing, edit your piece and publish it in a book at home or on google docs and share it with your teacher.

Whaea Courtneys Recipe 













Use this model when writing your own recipe


Reading Task


Kia Ora everyone. This week your reading task is to use a recipe and help to bake, cook, make something.  Explore any recipe books you might have.  Make sure you have an adult to help you.

Take some photos. Tui whanau teachers would all love to see what you are doing with your families.

And if it turns out yummy, feel free to share your recipe with us all.

This is one of my favourite recipes: Scones.  I got this scone recipe from  Whaea Karen




These are some words you might need to learn.


  • Approximately: nearly exact, not perfect.
  • Sift: to seperate by a sieve
  • Grease: to smear or cover with oil or butter
  • Fingertips: the end of your finger


Whaea Karen’s Scone Recipe



  • 3 Cups standard flour
  • 6 tsp baking powder
  • ¼ tsp salt
  • 75gm butter
  • 1 to ½ cups milk, approximately


  1. Preheat the oven to 220c. Grease or flour a baking tray
  2. Sift the flour, baking powder and salt into a bowl. Rub in the butter with your fingertips until the mixture fingertips fine breadcrumbs.
  3. Add the milk and quickly mix with a table knife to make a soft dough. For light and tender scones the mixture should be quite soft and a little sticky. Scrape the dough onto the floured baking tray and flour the top.
  4. Working quickly, pat the dough out to 2cm thickness and with a floured knife cut it into 12 even sized pieces, then separate the scones to allow 2cm space between them. Brush the tops with a little milk.
  5. Bake for 10 minutes or until golden brown. Place on a wire rack to cool, wrapped in a clean tea towel to keep them soft.


Basic Facts Challenge

Time yourself – how fast can you solve these basic facts. Choose one section a day. Write the equation and the answer on a sheet of paper.

Practice each day.  Can you get faster each time?  How many do you get correct?  Look carefully, there is a mix of subtraction and addition facts.



Maths Task


Draw a floor plan of your house.  

Remember to add all the rooms.   

Work out the distance in steps from one room to another.

Write a series of instructions for a family member to move from one room to another.  Don’t forget to use turns.


Imagine you have a beebot what instructions would you give?

 Use these arrows to help you →↑↓←  e.g. to move from bedroom to kitchen.  ↓ ↓ → → → → ↑ ↑ ↑  ← ←

Check out or

 for some more digital coding activities

Fire Escape

You can also make an escape route using your plan in case of a fire. 

Which is the easiest and quickest way out of your house. Where will you meet? 

Discuss this with your whanau and practice. Remember in a fire you need to keep low to the ground.



For each word find out the definition, give examples of synonyms and antonyms for the word and write 3 interesting sentences using the new word.

Dictionary meaning- (definition)

Speak with whanau or do your own research to find out the definition of what our “word of the day” means. 

What is a synonym? 

A synonym is a word that has the exact or similar meaning to another word

Example (good/ great/ amazing) 

What is an antonym? 

An antonym is a word that has an opposite meaning 

Example (good/ bad) 

Can you write 3 sentences that include our “word of the day” or any of the new words that you have learnt? 

Words of the day – choose a word each day













New Zealand Sign Language

This week was to be New Zealand sign language week.  Let’s learn some signs together.  Have a go at learning how to say…

My name ….

You can check out more at the

Learn these signs to work out new sentences.

What can you say with these words?






Word Ladders (with clues)  


Word Ladders – Around the House

Below are pairs of words.  You need to find words that connect the two, but you may only change one letter on each step.  Here is an example.

Copy each ladder onto a piece of paper.  Put one word in each step of the ladder.

Try these ones out.

Extra Challenge

For an extra challenge try these ones.  Remember to only change one letter at a time.


Word Ladders – Colours

Below are pairs of words.  You need to find words that connect the two, but you may only change one letter on each step.  Here is an example.

Copy each ladder onto a piece of paper.  Put one word in each step of the ladder.

Try these ones out.

Extra Challenge

For an extra challenge try these ones.  Remember to only change one letter at a time.


Word Ladders – Earth Day

Below are pairs of words.  You need to find words that connect the two, but you may only change one letter on each step.  Here is an example.

Copy each ladder onto a piece of paper.  Put one word in each step of the ladder.

Try these ones out.

Extra Challenge

For an extra challenge try these ones.  Remember to only change one letter at a time.


Word Ladders

Below are pairs of words.  You need to find words that connect the two, but you may only change one letter on each step.  Here is an example.

Copy each ladder onto a piece of paper.  Put one word in each step of the ladder.

Try these ones out.



Word Ladders – with clues.