Ranui Primary Staff are dedicated, passionate and fun loving. They are here to work with you and your child to ensure they reach their fullest potential.
Teachers and senior leaders are always willing to talk about your child’s progress with you and help you with any concerns.
It’s always best to make an appointment if you can to make sure we are available for you.
You can do this through the office or with the staff member directly.

We are committed to productive learning focused partnerships with all.

Our Team

Leadership Team

Heather Rewiri

About Me

Ko Ngāti Pākeha te iwi
Ko Kōterana te whanua
Ko Ness, ko Airde ngā roto
Ko Ben Mhor, ko Ben Lao mmainn ngā maunga
Ko Duncan, ko McIntyre, ko Darroch, ko McLeod oku hapu
Ko John Duncan, ko Joy Darroch ōku mātua
Ko Heather Duncan tōku ingoa whānau.
Ko Hemi Rewiri tōku hoa tane.
Kia ora, talofa lava, malo e lelei, kia orana, namaste, hi!
I was brought up in Wellington, have lived in Hawkes Bay and the Bay of Plenty and now, Auckland.  We have 4 children and 5 grandchildren, who we make the most of seeing and having fun with as often as possible.
Why did I come to Ranui Primary School?  The vibrant and diverse nature of our children and the community offers us all a slice of Aotearoa / New Zealand to come. 
What do I like best about my job?  The variety, each day is differnt, working with children, staff  and whānau is a privilege.
Other interesting points about me? My favourite colour is blue, I love being in the country or at the beach, my favourite fruit is a fresh apple, we have a dog called Scout.

Teresa Smith

Deputy Principal
About Me

Ko Hineraki te maunga
Ko Ngatokimatawhaora te waka
Ko Whanagpe te moana
Ko Morehu, Ko Ohaki, Ko Taiao nga marae
Ko Te Rarawa te iwi
Ko Te Uri o Tai te hapu
Ko Teressa Smith ahau

I am lucky to be a Deputy Principal at Ranui Primary. I hold close this school to my heart. I was a student here many years ago and my children also came.
I am passionate about our children's learning and having positive experiences.

Allisa Holbrow

Deputy Principal
About Me

Whangai ka tupu ka puawai
That which is nurtured blossoms then grows.

Kia ora, Talofa lava and hello.
I am Whaea Allisa, and I feel privileged to be Deputy Principal at Ranui Primary.
Ranui Primary is a special place, that is welcoming and really has the learner of the centre of all thinking. I love our Ranui tamariki, they are fun, have character and passion, and make me smile every day!
New to Ranui Primary in 2017, I have 16 years prior teaching and leading experience. I have lived in West Auckland all my life, and am proud to be working in this community.
I enjoy working with people to create success for all students, and making a difference for every learner. I am passionate about working together in partnership, in order to prepare our tamariki for their future.
I am looking forward to getting to know all of you and your whanau, and also look forward to being part of your journey at Ranui.

You have brains in your head.
You have feet in your shoes.
You can steer yourself  any direction you choose.
​Dr Seuss 

Administration Whanau

Lesley Mackie

Administration / Te Whakatipu Kakano Kaiawhina
About Me

Ko Manaia te maunga
Ko Mamari te waka
Ko Te Renga Paraoa te moana
Te Puke Kauri te awa
Ko Takahiwai te marae
Ko Rangiora te whare
Ko Ngaphui te Iwi
Ko Patuharakeke te hapu
Ko Lesley Mackie ahau

Kia ora. I have worked at Ranui School for nearly 18 years, I have been a volunteer reading person, a teacher aide in the mainstream school and also a cleaner for the school. I am now the kaiawhina in Te Whakatipu Kakano, and I absolutely love what I do, all the tamariki in the Maori unit are my children and to them I am Whaea Lesley. Both of my children have been through Te Whakatipu Kakano and are now both fluent in the Maori Language. It is a joy to work with the staff at Ranui School, the most caring and loving people you could know,we are all there for one purpose and that is the children of Ranui Primary School.

Heather Dawson

About Me
My name is Heather Dawson. I have lived in Ranui for 30 years and worked at Ranui Primary for 25 years in various positions. Both of my adult children came to Ranui and have many happy memories of their time here.You will find me in the office mainly dealing with attendance. I enjoy working in the kind caring environment we have.


Cindy Pile-Wetere

Te Whakatipu Kakano Teacher
About Me

Tena koutou katoa
Ko Pouerua ko Putauaki nga maunga.
Ko Ngatokimatawhaorua, ko Mataatua nga waka
Ko Waitangi, ko Rangitaiki, Ko Orini, Ko Ohinemataroa nga awa
Ko Ngapuhi, ko Ngti Awa nga iwi
Ko Ngatikawa, ko Ngaiterangihouhiri nga hapu
Ko Cindy Pile-Wetere ahau.
No reira, tena koutou, tena koutou, tena tatou katoa.

My teaching journey at Ranui Primary School began in Te Whakatipu Kakano during the third term of 2016. Previously, I taught in a variety of schools within Auckland extensively at Richmond Road Primary School with the English medium and Rumaki reo Maori classes. 
Four years of teaching in Queensland Australia within the Gold Coast and Brisbane regions, reinforced my appreciation of how schools in New Zealand are student driven learning environments. Currently, I'm excited to be part of Ranui School staff and a strong team within Te Whakatipu Kakano as a highly competitive and quality Rumaki reo Maori/bilingual unit for Maori whanau within the community. 
Maori whanau who strive for quality Maori education, te reo Maori and tikanga Maori as the vehicle for high student achievement and wellbeing.
Ma tatou nga kakano e whangai
Me tipu nga kakano o Te Whakatipu Kakano.

Ernest Harris

Te Whakatipu Kakano Teacher
About Me

Ko Rakau Tapu te maunga,
Ko Tapuwae te awa
Ko Hokianga te moana
Ko Ngatokimatawhaorua te waka
Ko Te Rarawa te iwi
Ko Ngai Tupoto te hapu
Ko Ngai Tupoto te marae
Ko Ngahuia te tupuna whare
Ko Ernest Harris ahau
Tihei mauri ora!

I am in my second year of teaching at primary school level, having graduated with excellence from Te Wananga Takiura o Nga Kura Kaupapa Maori o Aotearoa with a bachelor degree in teaching in kura kaupapa Maori.
After two decades in the construction industry and having reached the highest levels of management within my organisation, I decided to set our on a new career path that would enable me to combine my love of reo Maori with my passion for developing the potential of rangatahi.
I have enjoyed my experience at Ranui Primary School and have learnt a lot during my time here and I believe I have a lot of skills to contribute to our kura and I am looking forward to continuing to develop my teaching skills within Te Whakatipu Kakano.
I believe my work throughout this year has demonstrated that I am reliable, resourceful and inventive kaiako, who is committed to providing tamariki with a kaupapa Maori educational environment that supports them to become creative and critical thinkers.
My goal is to use my knowledge of te reo Maori and tikanga to benefit our tamariki in Te Whakatipu Kakano.
"Ko te manu e kai ana i te miro, nona te ngahere, ko te manu e kai ana i te matauranga, nona te ao".
"The bird that consumes the miro berry navigates the forest, the bird that consumes knowledge navigates the world".

June Paratene

Te Whakatipu Kakano Teacher
About Me

Te Rarawa te Iwi e tu atu nei
Whangatauatia te maunga e tu iho nei
Te Tai o Wharo te moana e
nei ra te reo karanga
i te ao...
i te po...

Kia ora my name is June Paratene, or around here Whaea June. Born and bred Kelstonian.
In our whanau Te Whakatipu Kakano I teach in  Waka Tahi  Year 0,1 & 2, Matua Ernest Waka Rua  Year 3 & 4, Whaea Cindy 
​Waka Toru Year 5 & 6. The glue of our unit is Whaea Lesley.
I love being able to bring our language to life and to practice our customs in our everyday environment. To prepare our tamariki to be spiritually, mentally, physically ready to learn with our school and whanau partnership to make it happen. Here's some handy tips to help me out
communication - from us, with us, with the school, with one another
commitment - from us to teach your child from you to help your child on their learning journey
connections - are for life, with our learning, with one another, with our community...
Nga mihi kia koutou 
Whaea June


Johlene Gilbert

Kahu Whanau Teacher
About Me
Ko Pukakaramea, ko Panekire nga maunga
Ko Waiau, ko Waikaretaheke nga awa
Ko Horouta, ko Mataatua nga waka
Ko Ruapani, ko Ngai Tuhoe nga iwi
Ko Ngai taraparoa, ko Te Whanau Pani nga hapu
Ko Pareroa, ko Waimako nga marae
Ko Pareroa, ko Te Poho o Tuhoe Potiki nga whare tipuna
Ko Johlene Gilbert toku ingoa 

Kiaora, my name is Johlene Gilbert and I am currently in my first year of teaching. I have a huge passion for sports, tikanga Maori, and physical education. I am so proud and grateful to be teaching here at Ranui Primary School. I have been through all avenues at this school, as a past student, parent, and now as a teacher. As a teacher I will do my absolute best to ensure that our children’s needs are being meet. 
He aha te mea nui o tenei ao? He tangata, he tangata, he tangata. 
What is the most important thing in this world? It is people, it is people, it is people
Therefore, let’s work together to ensure greatness for our children.
Ranui is my home!

Chris Kell

Kahu Whanau Teacher
About Me

Hi, Mr Kell here teaching Kahu 4, a Year 5-6 class in the Senior School of Ranui Primary....
Wow! Can you believe I am into my 12th year of teaching at Ranui Primary School in 2017 and still love teaching our wonderful Ranui tamariki. Throughout my time here I have been involved in ICT which led me to coaching our Robocup(computer programmed robotics) team who did amazingly well representing the school. We were even in Christchurch for the nationals when the first earthquake struck in 2010 and our team was seen on CNN worldwide TV. I have also been involved  in coaching numerous sports teams that have done well winning trophies in our Henderson Sports Cluster. Some of these teams have gone on to play in Auckland Championships and have even played in curtain raisers for the Auckland Blues!
In the classroom I am  passionate about children developing their intelligence through learning. I love teaching math and reading to the class and exploring novels that are linked to our class blog site. My main goal is to  get every child in my class as close to, at, or above National Standards in their time with me. Here is what a child from my class this year had to say about me. "Mr Kell is a kind jolly teacher, just like Santa. He cares for others and is one of the best teachers ever at teaching difficult math strategies including how to understand and solve decimals,fractions and percentages. Also he is an awesome sports teacher. Having him for the last 2 years has helped make me become smarter and the happy person I am today and I will miss him when I leave Ranui at the end of the year. But it was fun while it lasted, Mr Kell would win number 1 teacher in my book."

Caryn Daly

Kahu Whanau Teacher
About Me

"Whaea Caryn has been a teacher at Ranui Primary for 3 and a half years. She started teaching juniors in Kereru but has made the big leap to the Kahu seniors and she loves it! Whaea Caryn loves sports and is very competitive, so Kahu 2 has been under a lot of pressure to win (and we have).
She has high expectations of her learners. She believes that each student has unlimited potential. Whaea Caryn encourages us to do our best. She is firm but fair and we like her Canadian accent".
Kuara and Mema

Pane Tararo

Kahu Whanau Teacher
About Me

Kia orana,

Ko Kuki Airani te enua. Ko Aitutaki te enua anau. Ko Arutanga te oire. Ko Ngapuariki te vaka. Ko Ru te tupuna. Ko Pa’ia te marae. Ko Ngati Kamire raua ko Ngati Tepaki nga iti tangata. Ko  Manarangi Taputoa raua ko Hewitt oku nga tupuna tane. Ko Tungane raua ko Pani-a-Tao toku nga tupuna vaine. Ko Vaa Manakaa raua ko Metuamaru toku nga metua. Ko Teariki Tararo taku tane. Ko Pani toku ingoa. Turou! Turou!

I started my teaching career back home in the islands as an 18 year old training at Teachers College and became a teacher four years later. Taught in the islands for a total of nine years, got married and had my children in my early twenties, migrated to New Zealand in 1986, completed a NZ DipTchg in 1988 and started teaching here in 1989. I later went on to achieve my Grd.DipTESOL and BEd., and have been teaching at Ranui since 1997.  During the 90s, I also managed to undergo Reading Recovery Training which I thought was a useful teaching tool to have in order to help students accelerate in their reading. 

Teaching was not my chosen career, but today, I know it is one of the top two professions that ever was created to help students, young and old, to maximise their potential to be able to survive the challenges that the world continuously present. I see my role as crucial in enabling our tamariki to possess life long learning skills in socialising, managing themselves, solving problems, making important decisions, and making essential and righteous choices.

   I am grateful  to be part of the Ranui community for the past 25 years and to work within the school  for the past 20 years. As a member of the LDS church community affiliated within the Ranui community, I am proud to associate with many wonderful diverse people of Ranui, to see the growth and changes of the suburb over the years and to live within walking proximity of all required amenities. In this day of fast and demanding life, who could ask for more? 
No reira, kia orana, e kia manuia.

Tilot Naidu

Kahu Whanau Teacher
About Me
Hi, Kiaora and Namaste from Tilot,
I am a teacher at Ranui Primary School and at present teaching in Kahu 4, which is a Year 5/6 class. This is my fourth year at Ranui. Originally I am from Fiji Islands and I have been teaching in NZ for the last nineteen years in other different schools.
As a teacher in Kahu 4 I believe that it is a very important responsibility for me of shaping the lives of young, impressionable children in my class. I am a teacher who always pushes students to want to do their best while at the same time trying to make learning interesting as well as creative. I define myself as a good teacher who gives tools to help other people succeed. I am always there for my students who respect me and make my everyday life very interesting. If pupils remember me as a good teacher, that will be the biggest honour for me!


Courtney Soole

Tui Whanau Teacher
About Me

Tena koutou katoa
Ko Tongariro te maunga
Ko Te Arawa te waka
Ko Taupo-nui-a-Tia te roto
Ko Ngati Tuwharetoa te iwi
Ko Kauriki te marae
Ko Ngati Hinemihi te hapu
Ko Courtney Soole taku ingoa

Kia Ora everyone! I am new to teaching and new to the Ranui community and I am loving it. My new home is Tui 3 and I am working in an amazing environment with awesome people. 

Teaching runs in my blood and I became a teacher so I could make my own impact through education. I have high expectations of my learners and can see that they have the potential to make their own mark in life. All children are unique, talented and wonderful and it is our job to help them see that. 

Sheree Hodge

Tui Whanau Leader
About Me

Hello my name is Sheree Hodge. I have taught at Ranui School since 1996. I have seen a lot of children go through the school. Ranui is a fantastic place to work, hence why I have been here for so long. 

Karen Hammond

Tui Whanau Teacher
About Me

Ko Te Aroha te maunga
Ko te kei o waka o Hauraki
Ko Waihou te awa
Ko Tikapa te moana
Ko Tama a Ariki te Tupuna Whare
He mokopuna a Ngati Rahiri Tumutumu ahau
Ko Karen Hammond ahau

Kia ora, my name is Karen I started at Ranui Primary this year and am in my second year of teaching. I grew up out West and love teaching here. Our kids are so special and I feel so privileged to teach them.
​As a teacher I try to provide opportunities to foster their unique talents, of which they have so many. And to ensure they have high expectations of themselves, the same way that I do.

Laura Puru

Tui Whanau Teacher
About Me

Ko Maungataniwha, ko Tongariro nga maunga
Ko Hokianga Whakapau Karakia, ko Taupo-nui-a-Tia nga moana
Ko Ngapuhi, ko Ngati Kahungunu, ko Ngati Tuwharetoa nga iwi
Ko Nukutawhiti, ko Korohe nga marae
Ko Ngatokimatawhaorua, ko Takitimu, ko Te Arawa nga waka
Ko Laura Puru ahau
Born in Whakatane, raised in Turangi, married in Rotorua and part of the Ranui community now for 23 years, I am thrilled to make the move to Ranui School this year. My own children were educated through Te Whakatipu Kakano and I am privileged to reconnect with the kaiako and whanau. Kia kaha, kia maia, kia tutuki pai ai o koutou mahi katoa. 

I am teaching the Tui 4 students this year and the door is always open for whanau. Nau mai, haere mai, welcome.

About Me

Tena koutou katoa
Ko Pouērua, ko Pūtauaki ngā maunga.
Ko Ngātokimatawhaorua, ko Mātaatua ngā waka
Ko Waitangi, ko Rangitaiki, Ko Orini, Ko Ohinemataroa ngā awa
Ko Ngāpuhi, ki Ngāti Awa ngā iwi
Ko Ngatikawa, ko Ngai Te Rangihouhiri ngā hapu
Ko Monica Pile-Marsters toku ingoa
No reira, tena koutou, tena koutou, tena tātou katoa.

​Kia ora, I am honoured to start at Ranui Primary School this year in Kiwi 1, which is a Year 1/2 class. I am in my second year of teaching and I look forward to working with you and your children. I will bring a different kind of flavour into our class as I like to incorporate te reo Māori because that is who I identify myself with. Hoping this will generate belonging and identity for our students. Kiwi 1 has an open door policy and you are most welcome to come in and participate in your child's learning. He mihi maioha kia koutou katoa. Whaea Monica. 

About Me
Kia ora, my name is Zara Gnaniah.
This is my first year at Ranui Primary School and I am delighted to be teaching the beautiful new entrant children in Kiwi 3. I am passionate about early learning and have recently moved from  Early Childhood Education to Primary. I was born in Cape Town, South Africa and my ethnic roots stretch from Europe to Asia. I am most excited about being a part of such a diverse community here at Ranui Primary School. I hope to inspire learning that will equip our children to be active members of society as well as responsible global citizens. 


Delishia Naidoo

Kereru Whanau Teacher
About Me

Hi everyone I'm Miss Naidoo, you'll find me in Kereru 3! I'm originally from South Africa but I moved to New Zealand when I was younger. I'm not from Ranui but feel right at home with all the support and advice I get. Also those smiles and cuddles from the kids make everyday brighter. I'm so excited to be teaching at Ranui and living out my childhood dream of being a teacher. I hope to pass on some of the great things I have learnt onto our kids so that they can also live out their dreams.

Trish Clueard

Kereru Whanau Teacher
About Me
Ko Pukearenga te maunga
Ko Ngunguru te awa
Ko Whenuaroa te waka
Ko Ngatiwai te iwi
Ko Ngati Taka te hapu
Ko Paratene te Manu te whare tupuna
Ko Trish Clueard ahau

I love teaching and learning!!!
I am passionate about facilitating authentic and engaging learning opportunities for children.
I believe powerful learning happens when families and school work together in a partnership to support children's learning.


Zara Gnaniah

Kiwi Whanau Teacher

Selina Chan

About Me

Kia Ora
My name is Selina and I am the school librarian. You will find me in the heart of the school which is the library! I look after the books and all the children who come to our library to read.
We have thousands of books in the library to borrow and it is always exciting to discover new ones. 
I am a Westie and grew up and still live in Henderson. I've worked in many different libraries before coming to Ranui. I've also  taught English as a second language and Bibles in Schools.. I hope to encourage and inspire all children to read, share  stories and knowledge,  even become authors themselves. 
My favourite books have happy endings. I am always reading. I believe books can change lives. Encourage your children to read every day and they will become wise. 

Monica Pile-Marsters

Kereru Whanau Teacher


Mark O'Hanlon

Property Manager
About Me

My name is Mark O'Hanlon otherwise known as "Mr O"(easy for the kids).
I am probably the first staff member you see in the morning and the last one you encounter after school.
I've been the Property manager at Ranui since June 2011.
As part of the support staff it is my job to ensure the school runs smoothly; that any repairs are taken care of promptly and that the grounds and facilities are kept tidy and working as they should.
The children are great as are many of the parents that I come in contact through my road patroller duties.
The Property manager is generally looked upon as the number 2 in the school; they get to hear all that is happening as well as the gossip before anyone else haha!!
I find myself meeting and greeting regularly pointing people in the right direction when the occasion arises, always making people feel welcome. 

Rosemary Neho

Assistant Caretaker
About Me

Kia ora everyone, my name is Rosemary Neho.

I work for Ranui Primary School as an assistant caretaker alongside Mr O. Previously I have been a breakfast lady for 2 years, a teacher aide for 1 term, a part time cleaner, a BOT chairperson and Property Health and Safety person, all of these positions have been here at Ranui Primary School. I currently have 3 grandchildren here and 2 grandchildren at Ranui Kindy.
We all love it here.


Louise Henry

Teacher Aide
About Me

Kia ora koutou, Ko Louise Henry ahau,
I am a teacher aide and I have worked at Ranui School for over twenty years. My sons,Jason and Dale were students in Whakatipu Kakano.
I work with the senior children helping with reading, writing, sports lunches, Kids Can jackets and shoes.
Through my years at Ranui School I have been privileged to work with amazing people.
We have had many changes through the years but as a community we have stayed strong and I believe the school has had a big part to play in that and the whanau have always come to support us,I thank you for taking the time to read about me.

Elizabeth Wharetohunga

Teacher Aide
About Me

My name is Elizabeth Wharetohunga, 
I have worked at Ranui primary for a little over a year. Both my daughter's attend Ranui primary and are in the Tui classes. My role here at Ranui is a teacher aide mainly looking after a young man with physical needs. You may also see me in different classes around the school helping different children. I love working here at Ranui the staff and children ROCK!!

Verlene Ruru

S.L.S Team & ELA
About Me

Kia ora. My name is Verlene Ruru.
I have been working at Ranui Primary School for many years.
I am part of the S.L.S team supporting students that need extra help. I am also an English Language Assistant(ELA) working with students from different cultures adding to their 1st language.
I am committed to provide and support my students to be confident learners.
Both my children came to Ranui Primary. This school has a awesome working environment and amazing staff and students.

Sharon Royal

Teacher Aide
About Me

​Kia ora my name is Sharon Royal. I have been at Ranui Primary School for 25 years.
I support children who need help with their learning. I have 2 grandchildren here at Ranui, they are in the Tui Classes.
Ranui Primary School is an awesome school, the children and staff are what keeps me here.